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Reviews for London Headshot Photography


"The photo session was great fun and the pictures we received were wonderful. I'd certainly recommend Lynn."
Matt - Muswell Hill


Professionally Lynn is an incredible photographer - technically faultless.
However, what makes Lynn exceptional to work with is her energy, warmth and enthusiasm. I've always enjoyed every minute of working with Lynn.
Glen - London

Fantastic professional, treats with great respect and eagerness to help out. Gives great attention to detail and has immense experience so she knows exactly what she is doing.

Marianna - London

Brilliant photographer! So good with kids and has a great eye for detail.

Grace - London

Talented photographer. Full of life and it showed in my pictures!

Nobuse - London

Great photographer who made me feel very comfortable.

Yvonne - London

Lynn did some great head and shoulder pictures for my business profiles online. I hate having lenses pointed at me but she was great at showing me how to pose and to look at ease. The best pictures were taken outside under natural light (using a reflector for any shadows, and I think just a little fill-in flash), against a garden background. A lot of photographers don't have that sort of facility, or the imagination to use it! Highly recommended.

Andy - London

Until now I’ve hated every picture I’ve ever seen of myself. I explained this to Lynn and my inability to pose. She put me at ease straight away and in an uncomplicated way gave me some direction. She has great attention to detail and at the end of the session I felt confident that I would be happy with at least one shot. I was blown away. I liked almost all the shots and now I have a variety of great pictures for different uses. I am a highly satisfied customer.

Karina - London

Lynn was so lovely and made us feel very at ease - the photos were fantastic too! Thank you!

Ciara - London


"I had my headshots taken by Lynn and the result was amazing. Great job and very professional."
Zee - London

"Lynn combines exceptional personal skills, especially with very young subjects, with a creative flair for capturing those subjects in the most natural way and in timeless frames."
Tessa - London

"Lynn is an excellent photographer and is not only highly personable but also has that magic ability get the shot I was looking for. Definitely exceeded my expectations and value for money is very high here.Very professional and friendly too."
Trevor - Brighton

"Lynn was so easy and actually fun to work with. She had wonderful ideas for poses and encouraged our own ideas as well! The black and whites speak for themselves. I'm a regular customer and can't think of any photos I've ever had that even compared!"
Victoria - London

"I've hired Lynn a few times over the years to do some headshots for me. I don't particularly enjoy having my photo taken but I've always loved working with Lynn as she has an amazing energy and enthusiasm which is highly infectious. I've also recommended Lynn to friends on countless occasions and they have always been delighted not only with the results but the whole experience of working with Lynn."
Glenn - London

"Lynn has photographed my children throughout their lives, and the portraits she has created are among my family's most precious possessions. She is a gifted photographer and a lovely person to work with."
Deneen - London

"Lynn did portraits of my 4 year old daughter Arabella and they were exceptional. Lynn was seriously good fun, making my daughter relaxed and happy which made excellent photos that really captured her character."
Angela - Coventry

"Lynn did a great photo session, putting me at my ease straight away and making the whole experience fun. My family and I were thrilled with the photos - never knew I could look so good and so natural, speaking as someone who has always looked scary in photos until now!! Thanks, Lynn, for a thoroughly enjoyable shoot, and for getting the photos to me so promptly. I'll definitely be recommending to my friends!"
Joanna - London

"Lynn is an amazing photographer, the moment you step into her magical studio she puts you at ease and creates the most incredible photos. I would highly recommend her photography"
Hafiz Mohammed - London


I'd never done a photoshoot before and was a tad apprehensive but Lynn was warm and welcoming and put me at ease.
Throughout she demonstrated her technical proficiency and overall professionalism and we got through the shoot smoothly.
I thought her charges were very reasonable and the follow-up including photo delivery was great.
Overall if you need pro photos for any reason I can honestly recommend Lynn.
Robert - London

" It was a great photoshoot with a photographer who made me feel comfortable and gave me plenty of direction. All for a reasonable price!"
Martina - London

"Lynn was great at getting exactly what I needed, good variety of shots, and a fun day!"
Sinead - London

"Lynn is one of the nicest coolest photographers I have ever posed for. She puts you at ease and is never afraid to accept suggestions or give direction. If you are lucky enough to be given a chance to visit her studios consider yourself very privileged."
Nick - London

"I was so pleased with the photos Lynn took. She is a great photographer and provided not only beautiful and highly treasured images, but was also so much fun to work with! Excellent value for money too!"
Caroline - Highgate

"Lynn is a talented photographer with a strong creative flair. The photographs were very professional and the experience most enjoyable."
Kim - London

"Lynn was very efficient and provided great quality shots for my website."
Stirling - London

"Lynn is a highly skilled professional photographer whose approach is imaginative but realistic, reliable and competitively priced."
Fiona - London

"Lynn shot our first family photos when our son was only a few months old. She knew exactly how to handle him and worked quickly to get the best from his short attention span. We were really pleased with the resulting pics and will certainly be returning for more."
Cath - London

Lynn is an exceptional photographer. The photos were excellent. She also has a real ability to put people at ease with her very warm nature. Thoroughly recommended.
Martyn - London

"A great photgrapher with fantastic results of our kids and dog!"
Jamie - Highgate

"Very professional and inexpensive. Friendly too!"
Des - London

"Lynn  is a very good photographer. She knew what she was doing and made me feel relaxed and confident while taking shots."
Errol - London

"I met Lynn when she took some photos of our family. My kids were about 6 and 8 at the time. Lynn quickly suggested a few different set ups, and got the whole family in a great mood. She took exterior and studio shots and the results were really flattering and fun. I later needed a profile shot of myself for my design business and, again, the whole experience was very relaxed. I came away with a variety of shots which were flattering with a range of photos from formal to more casual."
Jo - London

"Lynn is an artistic, unique photographer, adapting to the preferences of her subjects. Excellent with babies and children but also sensitive to the elderly. Superb and tasteful, Lynn's pictures never fail to surpass expectations."
B.J. - Watford

"As someone who hates having her photo taken (and usually hates the unphotogenic result even more), I wasn't looking forward to having headshots done for my work as a freelance writer, even if it was essential. But Lynn not only made the whole experience fun, I came away with a string of great images which I've used regularly and it didn't cost a fortune. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lynn to anyone considering using her photographic services."
Cathy - London

"Lynn is brilliant working with adults and children alike and produces the most amazing, extraordinary pictures. I love her black and white work, and her colour shots. What characterises Lynn's work is flair, originality, fun, speed. She gets people to do all sorts of innovative things and produces the real essence of character through her photography. She is also efficient, quick, informed, and I think she nearly always undercharges for her work. I think she is brilliant with families, with individuals and as a public person myself, I trust Lynn every time to produce excellent work, to deadline. She is a great photographer and I would thoroughly recommend her every time!"
Corinne - Muswell Hill

Lynn never ceases to amaze me with the quality of her photography. She puts people at ease and works with her clients to get the very best shots possible. Everyone goes away happy with both the experience and the photos of course."
Steve - Richmond

"Lynn takes beautiful photos, she is fabulous with children and makes the whole experience fun, always with great results."
Susan - Muswell Hill

"Lynn has taken great family photo shoots and we have repeatedly come back to her. She is patient with young children and knows how to make them engage with the camera. I recommend her."
Nadia - London

"Lynn was a fantastic photographer and delivered exactly what we needed on brief. She was creative and flexible and created a range of photographs for us that we've used for distributing to the press to feature online and in the print media. I was have no hesitation in recommending Lynn to anyone looking to get some photos done for any reason personal or professional."
James - London

" I worked with Lynn on an assignment in London. I found her very friendly,professional and efficient,I would definitely work with her again."
David - London

"Nice and personal service, fast delivery and great value for your money. Definitely recommended!"
Gert-Jan - London

"Lynn took my latest headshots and I must say that I was very impressed with not only the results but also with the speed and efficiency of the whole process. I would definitely recommend Lynn to all actors I work with."
Hayley - London

"Lynn is the expert for head shots in London. Highly recommended."
Michael - London

"Lynn provided me a with a great set of headshots. I have always felt awkward at doing photoshoots but Lynn made me feel completely at ease and that was evident in the final headshots. I would not hesitate to recommend her as I was extremely happy with the photography and retouching service she provided."
Karl - Muswell Hill

"Lynn took a series of photos for my first ‘classic model’ portfolio and the results were fantastic. I was offered my first assignment within 6 weeks! I’m happy to recommend Lynn to anyone looking for an experienced photographer."
Eddy - London

"Lynn took a great series of photographs of me which I've since used with national bylines and books. Not only is she a very talented photographer, but she was lovely to work with. She's the first person I recommend to fellow authors and journalists who need a great set of headshots and I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again."
Camilla - London

"I am lucky enough to have portraits taken of my son by Lynn. At the time he was only about 6 years old and they are my very favourite photos of him. A real treasured possession. Lynn has excellent technical ability but also is such a warm and friendly person that she is able to bring the best out of children which is reflected in her wonderful shots. I fully recommend her."
Rebecca - London

" I hired Lynn, as a special birthday gift for my daughter's best friend. Lynn spent time getting to know the girls and created the most beautiful photos I have of my daughter to date. Her patience, creativity and professionalism was second to none. I would highly recommend her for youngsters and adults alike."
Joanne - London

"Great experience with Lynn every time, our clients feel at ease and end up with great products. Very reliable and excellent value."
Melissa - London

"We were delighted with the quality of the photos and the environment was great for the children, who really enjoyed the experience."
Peter and Sue - North Finchley

“ Lynn has a fabulous way of capturing the true character of a child with her natural ability of putting them at ease; it was great fun & we treasure the results!"
Pete and Emma - Muswell Hill

"Lynn works quickly and captures great images.  She had a great rapport with my daughter, who loved the session.  We had a fantastic set of images to choose from – I was delighted with the results."
Kate - London

"Lynn managed the unmanageable by making our whole family look photogenic!  We love the results, thank you." 
Zena and Alannah - Herne Hill

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